[PHOTO]                             CHANDRA NAIR

Dept. of Information Engineering (IERG)

Programme Director
Mathematics and Information Engineering Programme (MIEG)

811, Ho Sing Hang (SHB)
The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK)
Sha Tin, N.T., Hong Kong

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My research interests and contributions have been in developing ideas, tools, and techniques to tackle families of combinatorial and non-convex optimization problems arising primarily in the information sciences.

The primary focus during the last few years have been on determining extremizers of non-convex optimization problems arising from the study of fundamental open problems in network information theory. We developed a series of techniques, results, inequalities, and capacity regions all motivated by pursuing explicit computations of inner and outer bounds. This work has then led to various ideas relating to sub-additivity and tensorization of functionals, hypercontractive inequalities, etc, more in the realm of mathematics.

During my doctoral and post-doctoral period my research mainly dealt with theoretical issues connected to combinatorial optimization problems in both finite and large systems, primarily motivated by conjectures posed by statistical physicists. Apart from these problems, I have also had brief fancy for a bunch of isolated issues, mostly as a collaborator with some very interesting colleagues.

A summary of my research is available here.

TEACHING (recent)

Multiuser information theory (most recent: Spring 2021)
Signals and systems (most recent: Fall 2021)
Probability theory [graduate] (most recent: Spring 2022)