Chandra Nair - Research Group


Current PhD Students

CHEN Zijie TBD PhD 2027-28 (expected)
Yi Liu TBD PhD 2027-28 (expected)
Zhao Jinpei TBD PhD 2026-27 (expected)
Lau Chin Wa "Ken" TBD PhD 2024-25 (expected)

Former PhD students

Wai Ho Ng "David" Thesis: On Gaussian Extremizers for the Capacity Region of the Gaussian Interference Channel [pdf] PhD 2021 Research Assistant, CUHK. Website
Yannan Wang "Dustin" Thesis: Optimisation of Some Non-convex Functionals Arising in Information Theory [pdf] PhD 2021 Associate, Goldman Sachs (HK), Personal Website
Mehdi Yazdanpanah "Babak" Thesis: Sub-optimality of achievable regions in two fundamental network information theory settings [pdf] PhD 2019 Associate, Goldman Sachs (London)
Sida Liu Thesis: Genie-based outer bounds for interference channels [pdf] PhD 2016 Bank of America, HK
Lingxiao Xia Thesis: On tightness of several achievable rate regions in network information theory [pdf] PhD 2016 Engineering Manager, Bytedance LinkedIn
Yanlin Geng Thesis: On the evaluation of Marton's inner bound for binary input broadcast channels [pdf] PhD 2013 Professor, Xidian University
Zizhou Wang "Vincent" Thesis: On the tightness of inner and outer bounds for broadcast channels with three or more receivers [pdf] PhD 2010 Researcher, ASTRI

A picture with my doctoral students taken in December 2016.

Other former Members

Prospective students : I am always interested in working with good students, primarily those having strong mathematical reasoning skills.

Visitors (long-term)

The research group has also hosted a number of (undergraduate) summer interns.